Information on health measures

Réception mesures sanitaires

Front desk

  • One guest at the time.
  • At the entrance : hydrochloric gel at your disposal.
  • Temperature : if it’s equal or more that 38 °C, you could not enter to the hotel.
  • After every contact, sanitization of the contact area.
Nettoyage Bionett

Together with our cleaning partner “ Bio nett “ :

  • Use of devices meeting the standard NF T 72-110 and certifying biocidal and virucidal performance.
  • Use of organic detergents certified “Ecocert”.
  • Provision of personal protective equipment to agents (masks, gloves, etc.).
  • Prohibition to enter an occupied room if the “YES” sign is not visible on the front door.
  • Prohibition to handle guest’s personal effects, please allow free access to the areas to be cleaned.
Désinfection tables restaurant


  • Use of special “Covid 19” products for washing all dishware.
  • Use of single-use packaging.
  • Disinfection of tables and chairs on every guest departure.
  • Respect of social distanciation between tables allowing the possibility to book a private space without any extra fees.
  • Staff protection: mask, visor, hydro-alcoholic gel.